Sunday, June 22, 2008

1 Week of Enzymes

They seem to be helping! Along with the rice milk. Today was the first day that I can remember that Nick had solid poo all day long. He is also not pooping as much as he was before. He was pooping sometimes four times a day; somedays he had a poop in every diaper. Mike is even convinced that enzymes seem to be helping him. Nick has also tried some new foods this week. He has now added ham and hot dogs to his growing list. Feeding himself is still a challenge that we are working on, but he has made progress in that area as well. Talking is more or less on his own terms. We have heard him say things like "oopsie" when he drops things, and he sings a new song now. It is a different version of the "clean up" song...Nick will sing "Line up, Line up". Today he did that while arranging drink cannisters in a square pattern on the coffee table. He has also taken a renewed interest in his fridge magnet ABC toy. "BEEEEE!" he will shout as he puts in the letter B and the song starts.

We are all excited about our upcoming vacation. We are going to visit our friends in Spokane beginning July 1st and will be doing lots of fun summer activities. One of those will be a trip to Silverwood theme park. We are all looking forward to some fun time together as a family. Doing "normal" family things.