Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hi there!

Mommy has not had a chance to update in a while. I have been doing all kinds of stuff too! Daddy and I invented our own little game and we just love to play!! We chase each other and he pats me on my behind and says "Butt!". Sometimes we even get my big bro in on it. One day last week while mommy was at work; daddy came up to me and said "Hi Nick!" and I called right back at him "Hi Butt!". Mommy says I am getting a sense of humor on me; but honestly he DOES say "Butt" all the time-so that must be his name??

I am also learning to feed myself. It is kind of tricky, but I think I am getting it. It is hard because I get so excited about learning a new skill that I tend to "Tense up" and then do lots of flapping. That's ok though, cause Mommy and Daddy (AKA BUTT) taught me a new phrase to tell myself when I get like this. I say "Hands Down" to my hands. 'Cause when they get to flapping, they have a mind of their own!

Last Thursday night my brother decided that he would get sick. It was pretty "hairy" here for a while. He was saying that his chest hurt when he breathed, and he had a headache and cough. Mommy thought she might have to take him to the hospital, but after a little medicine and some rest; he was feeling much better. I think he ate something at school that bugged his tummy. I felt bad for him-he was feeling so ill that he could not even play with me! He just layed on the couch the whole evening until he went to bed! He is feeling MUCH better now though! Well, I am gonna go for now-I just turned on the ceiling fan and I simply love to watch that spin! Have a great day everyone!!