Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frustrated....very frustrated....

A couple of days ago I called Nicks' doctor to see if we could get a referral for a doctor in Portland to treat Nick. This Doctor came highly recommended by another mom and we were starting to get excited about doing some new treatments with Nick. We were going to do some of the biomed stuff. We just wanted to see if Nick would improve. We were not looking for some "miracle cure", but just improvement. Well, his Doctor just called me back this morning saying they would not cover anything like what we were looking for. They will cover the basic therapies like OT,ST, and ABA (which he is getting), but that's it. WE will have to cover anything outside of that. Just an initial visit to this Dr would cost $800. Excuse me while I bang my own head against a wall...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Nick here!!! Sorry we have not updated in a while; but mommy has been super busy. She started at a new shop and they have been changing her schedule all around. She never knows when she goes to work one day whether her schedule will change the next. I really like the one she is on now though. She can get me and my brother off to school every morning, and pick us up. She also gets to take me to all my therapies--which both of us really love. Her lunch time is right around our bed time; so she comes home and says "goodnight" to us as well! During her off-time(which there is not much of as you all know) she is going to school, trying to see if I can go to Little Gym(she says it would be good for me),taking me to UW and Speech, and doing stuff together at home too! Whew...boy am I tired just from thinking of all that! I did some new things this week: I identified spoon,bus,and ball on my flashcards. I am learning animal sounds(I like to MOO like a cow, and oink like a pig) and I really like shapes. I surprised everyone at UW by blurting out "triangle" when I saw one!

We are having a quiet Easter at home; which is just what I like. Too much noise makes me crazy. I got a book and a stuffed ducky in my basket. I might even try some of this stuff that they call chocolate. I don't know about that stuff; but I really like the plastic,purple colored wrapper my brother's basket came in!