Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OT Appt and other stuff

Today we had Nick's Occupational Therapy evaluation. He performed rather well, and she got to see a lot of the things that Nick does. He colored with a crayon; which is a big improvement, completed a puzzle, and put some blocks on a string. (Although he also had to have the string STRAIGHT on the table, and liked spinning the little blocks) Then we went into another room and the abrupt change in schedule made him very fussy for a minute; but was easily coaxed out of the room. He REALLY liked the swing they had hanging from the ceiling. He got on that and completed another puzzle while swinging. She would do "1..2..3..Go!" with the pieces as he swung by her and drop them on the swing for him to reach. Nick really took a liking to her-she was very animated, and he responds very well to that. We should find out soon when he will start OT there.

Nick has had some ups and downs this week. Items that are now on his list of "good to eat" are:
Toast, Veggie Dip Puffs, mashed potatoes, and various kinds of cereal. We are not doing so much of the Gluten Free diet anymore. His digestion problems have seemingly gone away. We still do not give him milk though.

That is the "up" side. The "down" side has been his sleep again. He is going through another period of waking up at night..or should I say; early morning. He has figured out how to open his door even through the child locks. I found him in the hallway again this weekend at 3am with all the lights on. He has not been falling asleep until 10pm most nights this week. We have resorted to putting the baby gate up in the doorway to prevent him from getting out when we are all sleeping. No rest for the weary!