Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Breakthrough week!!

Everyone is finally over all the colds, and we have had some wonderful progress with Nick. Wait, it is not just progress, it was a BREAKTHROUGH! After 3 weeks of touching, mashing, and getting the cereal closer to his mouth, we were overjoyed to catch this on video

He also learned to drink through a straw in therapy and has been doing that well now for a couple of weeks. Today was the first time I actually went out and bought cereal for Michael AND Nick. I also bought Nick some juice boxes so he can get more practice with a straw. We got a call from Mary Bridge Hospital where he will have his Occupational therapy. We have an evaluation with them on Feb 6th. We are also thinking of getting him back on their Speech therapy list. I took him off of it when he was accepted at the center he goes to now. Well, he seems bored with the current therapist, and spends most of the time just sitting there looking into space while she sings songs. I have been trying to find time to work with him a bit, and we have had lots of fun using the toys he got for Christmas. He has taken a huge interest in Michael. He will sit by him, lay next to him on the couch, watch tv with him, etc. It is nice to see Nick initiating some play with Michael as well. All in all, we are doing well. We hope to meet up with our friends from Spokane tomorrow and skate with them for a little bit. It has been a busy weekend.