Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Are you Tired?

"I'm not tired, are you tired?" was what I got from Nick for the first hour I was home. Every time I would answer him, it would spur him into going another round of "I'm not tired, are you tired?" Today at work, I got to talk on the phone to Nick before he went to school. Much of his conversation was scripted; whereas he would repeat what was said to him by daddy, but we still had a conversation...Nick style. Yesterday I came home to 4 small picture frames lined up on the floor in the hallway. What was even better was that the pictures were lined up right underneath the frames. We have come to love these sorts of things created by little man-when you see it, you know that he was there and he left something how he saw fit. All we did until it was bedtime was just walk over it-including Nick. We appreciate his contributions to our home-however odd they may seem to others. Now, we have to go help Nick take the dishcloth off the ceiling fan...

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