Friday, November 14, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

This is what happened to my lap top while I was at Wal-Mart

Please help me to find the humor in this?! Calgon, I am BEGGING you to take me away. Far, far, far away.


Cale said...

Oh wow! At least it will give you a chance to test your keyboarding skills. If you're able to work with that secretarial school would be a breeze.

Andrea said...

Whoa! That would be a tough one to find humor in. . . especially if you hunt and peck like I still do!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Did it spontaneously combust?! WTH?

So very sorry.


Amy said...

Em, that was courtesy of lovely boy, Nicholas. He was on somewhat of a rampage yesterday.

Eudea-Mamia said...

Amy - Thanks for the update! I finally made it over to RAB during Barf-Fest 2008, and I saw the post.

So sorry, but you seem to be taking it with the usual dose of humor. That little dude!!