Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday.....

With the refridgerator as his canvas; he created his own masterpiece this morning. He has been the grumpy artist all day as well. He was getting tired of being in the house all day just as I was, so I took him with me to Safeway to pick up two toothbrushes. You know, to replace the ones he so eloquently dunked in the toilet. They are electronic ones too, so we will see how that goes. Maybe he will like it better and let me spend more than 5 seconds on each side. He enjoyed the chance to go "Bye Bye" with mommy. He ran to the couch so I could put his shoes and jacket on, and then stood patiently by the door while I got ready. The whole way there he was gleefully chatting to himself in the backseat. It was wonderful to hear him go on like that. When he does that, I know he is happy. Michael had been getting on his nerves all day long it seemed. Nick was getting in the way a lot, and Michael would tell him "NO", then Nick would fling himself to the floor and start crying. This went on all day long. One of those days where I am happy to put them to bed at night!

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