Friday, May 30, 2008


It was around 7pm and Nick had fallen asleep on the floor under the ceiling fan. This is his most favorite place to be. He relaxes himself while watching the hypnotic spinning of the fan. He is at total peace with himself and the world. He often falls asleep under the fan in this manner. I went over to him and layed down next to his sleeping body. I took his "Nicholasness" all in. His long curly eyelashes, his button nose, his fine blonde hair, and his smell. His oh so sweet smell. Most four year olds have lost that "baby" smell-but Nick still has it. I lay beside him and kiss him gently on the forehead and on his cheek. He is simply PERFECT.

Sweet Alex Barton; the Five year old who was voted out of his class by his hideous teacher, you are PERFECT just the way you are! You have so many people who will stand with you and your family! The whole WORLD is in your corner little man!

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