Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the Trenches with Potty Training...

We had an appointment with the psychologist yesterday morning to discuss potty training Nick. To put it simply: It is not going to be easy. We are prepared to start intensively this weekend. She advised us to "set-up camp" outside the bathroom. Section off that part of the house, and put some toys, and a naked Nick as well as each of us from the time he wakes up; til the time he goes to bed. We purchased some strong reinforcers from Target. Since he does not care too much about any type of sweet rewards, we went for the material ones! We have started him already on a potty schedule. We have the schedule posted on the wall outside the bathroom and write down every time he sits on the potty and every time he goes. It is not going to be pretty this weekend; but if we get it done, that is one more major hurdle we have crossed. He is doing good on his supplements. Yesterday he came out of his room and said "Hi" to daddy as he passed by him. Today before he left for school he replied "I love you too" when Mike said "I love you!" He did not care for the vitamin supplements in his milk, so I have switched to putting them in his juice. That seems to be fine with him, and he drinks it right up. Other than that,not too much else to report. I have posted a video of Nick doing what he does best. He LOVES to spin our phones. If it ever becomes an Olympic event, he should take the Gold medal!

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