Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Some things are just better lined up.
I have changed up the blog a little bit. I thought it was time for something new. Well, it is going on Day 3 of Melatonin, and all I can say is, WOW! Nick has slept two nights in a row!! HOORAY! We started him back on 1Tsp. of Cod Liver Oil as well. He is doing much better. Today Mike was playing around with a thing of breath freshner and wanted to show Nick how he could get it to spin on his fingers. Nick saw it and suddenly said "BAM!". We were a bit confused until I noticed that Mike's hand was in the shape of a gun. I have no idea of where he could have seen or heard a gun before, (maybe from Michael and his friends playing), but something connected with him and he put it together.
He has also been coming up to me a lot more and saying "I want cup". I mean, not even stopping to think about what to say..just saying it so easily. Not just saying it, but looking right at me when he says this! Michael has even said "Nick is so much HAPPIER now!" Amazing what real sleep will do!

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Lisa *leelee* said...

I agree sleep is a wonderful thing. Even for us mommies:)