Thursday, April 24, 2008


No, we did not move! But that is where we have seemingly resided with Nicholas the last few days. The last few days have brought some amazing results.

Monday: He had his ABA therapy at UW. We have been working since last summer to get Nick to imitate on a regular basis throughout sessions. He NEVER did it. I mean, he would do it once or maybe twice, but that was it. Monday, I kid you not, he did EVERYTHING she did..with very little prompting, in fact, it was almost none at all. She said the session was a huge success!

Tuesday: I can't count how many times he came to me and said "I want cup"; he is very good at that now. Did I mention he looked at me every time I called his name and stopped spinning objects?

Today: Another huge success. He went with me to get my haircut. Now, I dread taking him on these appts. because he has nortoriously hated the hair salons. This time however, he thought it was hilarious. He was looking at everyone around him, smiling at himself in the mirror, laughing at me when my hair was funny looking. Michael is having to constantly say "Nick! Get out of_____, or Leave _____ alone!" This morning, every time MIchael was out of his sight, he cried. Mike found them this morning sitting in their room together. He asked why Michael had not come out, and Michael said "Every time I left, Nick cried. So I stayed here."

We know that he will always be autistic-that much we accept. We are not trying to "cure" him. We just want him to get better sleep, and be healthier. If that makes him function a little better, then it is a plus.


John and Michelle said...

That's all wonderful news! I'm happy he is doing well and making such gains! Micheal is so cute with the: he'd cry, so I stayed :)

I totally agree with what you wrote - we are not trying to cure Dylan either, but whatever boost we can give him now is worth it.

Keep up the good work Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks Michelle! I just read about Dylan and the pizza guy..that was too cute!! And Congrats on the potty!!! Woo-Hoo Dylan!!

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