Monday, February 18, 2008

Party Time!!

I ended up staying up until midnight on Saturday getting everything ready for the party. I baked the cake and let it sit overnight before I decorated it. It came out pretty good I think. So good in fact, that Nick actually ATE some of it! That was a very exciting moment-I think the last time he ate cake was at his second birthday. The only time he got a little fussy was when it was time to gather up all the kids to sing happy birthday to him. The noise level was too much, but he got through it and had some fun. Here are some pics:

The cake

The party room

Not too sure about this whole singing thing...

TOO LOUD! And did I mention there is a strange round thing in front of me??!

Hey, this cake stuff actually tastes pretty good!

I think I like this Birthday Thing!

Today I went through Nick's therapy room and got rid of some stuff. I organized it again(it had kind of gone amuck with things put in all kinds of places) and made room for the new items. Nick managed to dismantle the closet doors so they are laying beside the closet now. I am trying to air out the house as well due to it being 50 degrees outside and it was stuffy in here from months of cold and rain. The problem is that Nick really loves windows and screens(he has punched two screens out almost completely) so I have to really watch him when the windows are open. Michael is out playing with his two friends, and I am just listening to the TV right now. Not too much going on. Just relaxing after the weekend.

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