Saturday, September 29, 2007

SSI Update...and trying something new!

Yesterday I had the day off from work, and I took advantage of it. I woke up early and got the boys ready for school. For Michael, this was a nice change and he loved that mommy would be driving him to school. For Nick, this was an unwanted change in schedule. He did not like the light turned on in their bedroom, and protested by covering his eyes and crying. This was a major upheavel as far as he was concerned! I was shocked that he managed to eat some breakfast, because he refused his cup. We got everyone shoes, jackets, back-packs, and we were ready to go out the door. We left the house with Nick carrying a comforter(he screamed when I took it--so what the hell??)Of course, I must add that before all of this I had to catch him as he ran at top speed out the door and straight for the road.

By 8 am both boys were in their respective schools and ready to start the day. I came back home, did a little housecleaning, and then had to get everything ready for my appointment with the Social Security people to see if we qualify for SSI. I had to bring bank account statements from July to Sept., Mike's Life Insurance POlicy, and Pay stubs from both of us from July to now. For once in my life, I actually HAD everything! I never imagined myself waiting in line for government help; much less have a CHILD who would have a qualifying condition. But; life did not ask me for what I wanted. I was given some paperwork to have Mike sign and mail back to them-so hopefully Nick can start getting some extra help. It may not be much, but it will be something.

This evening I thought I would try some different food with Nick. I washed out one of the baby food jars and put some of the Gerber Toddler Meals in it. It was a beef and stars dinner with green beans. I mixed in a couple of green beans with the noodles, just to see if he could eat it. Success! We had a few instances where he gagged, but instead of giving up, he kept on eating it. I was so proud of him! How hard must it be to eat even the simplest things when you are sensitive to food textures??! I applaud him for giving it his all-he works so hard every day. He amazes me. He has been off of whole milk for almost a month-and has been drinking the powdered stuff without looking back! He has made some huge gains in the last month. Hard to tell if it is school, or milk related, but we are singing joyous praises over here! Nick answered his first question at school, and even told his teacher "Thank you" with no prompts! BIG CHANGES!



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two sides of Nicholas

Apparently Nick had a bad day at school today. Even the bus driver had heard of Nick's horrible day and attempted to appease him with her flashlight. That worked wonders, of course until it was time for him to get off the bus and give it back. The ensued screaming could be heard from inside the house-ahhhh, Nick was home. The school has started writing daily notes about his day and sending it home with him. Todays note was very interesting to say the least. Made for a humorous read. Here is what it says: Today in centers I: Helped with blocksgoing good so far We read a story called: Guess how much I love you ok For Group activity we: Had Speech NOTES: Here's the kicker Very Emotional day-haven't seen him get so upset before!One of two things can be envisioned here. Usually involves an object being hurled Did not want to give up activitiesYou don't say? It was cute and a learning experience!Yes, I am SURE it was! Nick has shown us another side as well. He is making some pretty big leaps in development--rather quickly! He has started to put words together to request things!! This week alone he has: Pulled Mike by the hand to the fridge, made him open it, and Nick put his hand on the applesauce and said "applesauce". He has also done this with MIlk,yogurt, and fish crackers. Today he pulled Mike by the hand and said "Up please,light on" That's FOUR words....together!!! I also got this on video a couple of nights ago: