Friday, September 21, 2007


We got a letter in the mail today regarding SSI for Nick. We have to be at the Social Security office on the 28th to meet with a representative. We have to get pay stubs from July 07 until now, along with a few other items. I am hoping we get it-we could use the extra money for some of his things. We also recieved a statement from UW about the cost of his therapy for the past 30 days....over $1,000 worth. How do people even afford this stuff? It is completely ludicrous. These therapies SHOULD be available to anyone. I think it is a tragedy that everything is different depending on WHERE you live. South Carolina is planning to pass a bill that gives FREE ABA therapy until children reach a certain age(5 I think). There WERE two centers near us that provided everything he needed AND took our insurance...what happened? They closed down. It is a frightening realization that many families are depleting their savings and going bankrupt just to get their child the therapies they need. What is our alternative?? To let our kids slowly disappear into a world that they themselves only occupy?? Why should we have to fight school systems tooth and nail to give these kids what they need?? Is it because many people still think autism=retarded..and therefor only worth teaching the basics? Or because we give such little consideration to people who cannot talk? How many times have you come across someone who perhaps had trouble speaking and automatically assumed that he/she was retarded or stupid? I can tell you that I will never,ever think that again. Always assume intelligence. Nick has introduced a lot of people to the true wonders and gifts that those with autism have. Somedays I think we learn more from him than he does from us.