Friday, August 24, 2007

Ups and Downs....

It has been a while since my last update! Do not fear, we are all doing just fine; just very busy! Summer is coming to a close, and I have two growing boys who outgrew their clothes!! Last weekend I decided to plunge head first in their wardrobes and get rid of stuff that was too small. I admit to getting a little teary eyed as I dug through Nick's dresser. He is my "baby" and it was hard throwing out some of those cute little short sets. Who said he could grow??? I filled up two garbage bags and headed down to the recycle center to drop them off.

After that, Michael was in desperate need of some new clothes for school. Otherwise he might just start the first day in undies! I packed Nick up and we went shopping. Sunday we made another trip to Wal-Mart and then the Commissary. For the first time, Nick did not tolerate the commissary. There were a lot more people than usual, the PA system kept going off, and the noise level was more than he could bear. He was covering his ears and screaming by the third aisle. I decided to abort my trip and take him home. I left my cart, and carried him out of the store. I went back after dropping him off with daddy; but I did miss my little Bubby.

Michael started soccer on Monday. Our practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm. He is doing pretty good. He is not too much shorter than the other kids now. Nick of course was happy to just run in circles and feel the grass. A couple of kids around his age tried to get his attention, but he just clicked his tongue and walked off leaving them rather confused. They don't know what to make of him yet. I get a little sad for a few minutes, but it tends to pass quicker now than it used to. We are proud of all he has accomplished so far, and for things he will accomplish in the future. He is such a gentle soul, and an absolutely delightful little boy.

Last night as I was putting the boys to bed, Nick grabbed Michaels hand and put it on his belly. He then looked right at Michael and said "Tickle" with a smile on his face. Today, we went to our Wing Picnic and the boys had fun watching the Soap Box Derby. We are all pretty tired, so I will end this update for now. We are all enjoying the last few days of summer with them before school starts again!