Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Survived!!!!

I SURVIVED!!! Yesterday I agreed to watch my friends' two boys ages 7 & 4. The 7yr old (really, he will be 8 at the end of the month) is in Michael's class at school-so they have been super excited about this day all week! So, I had two 8yr olds, a 4yr old, and a 3yr old all running through the house. I thought it would be really fun for them if we went to see Shrek 3 while they were here. I loaded up the three oldest boys, and left Nick at home with Mike. It was an experience. Riding in a car with a backseat full of boys lends itself to some strange conversation. 8 yr old conversation. I heard things like "If I am half human I can do this..""Let's pretend we are playing Star Wars and you do such and such to me..". Once we got to the theater, I informed everyone of the rules and that we were to all stay together(this was more for the 4yr old) and we actually had a great time. The boys absolutely love Shrek-if you've never seen it, the first two movies are great! He does all the things little boys find hilarious. We got back from the movie and I made hot-dogs for everyone and they played video games until their mom came. Michael came crawling into the bedroom with me around 10pm and fell asleep; Nick crashed around 9:30pm, and the other two boys were picked up at 11pm. Go to Michael's Page for an update on him!