Saturday, April 28, 2007

Out of frustration.....

At loooonnnggg waiting lists, and the very limited services offered (a grand total of 3 places relatively close to us-1 was closed down, 1 had a one yr wait list, and the third I have not called yet) we have decided to convert the small bedroom into a classroom for Nick. Friday night, Mike put the bunkbeds back together and we moved both boys into the bigger room. Nick of course was adament about NOT sleeping in that room, so we let him sleep in his old room for another night. Everything has to be in stages for Nicholas. TOday, we moved his firetruck bed into the old playroom, eventually he will progress to sleeping on he bottom bunk. It is a little cramped with the three beds, but they still have space to play. After all that was done, we took a family trip to Target and dished out $400 on shelves, bins, coat rack, and a few more toys. I have found websites to order the PECS and the PECS notebooks(I tried to make some myself, but it just did not work) as well as some ABA books and other items. I might go to Barnes and Noble to see if they have any guides on how to go about this, or just order books online. We paid off our remaining credit bills (just about $1000 total) with the income tax and we still have about $1000 left from that. Michael is helping Daddy build all the shelves. He really likes the drill!! Gives them some "male bonding" time building things.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

school pictures

Here is what Nick's school pictures look like this year. It costs $40 for all 6 sheets, so we might just spring for that deal. The week is going good for Nicholas so far.