Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nicholas movie

No wonder autism gets such a bad rep?!!!!

This article is just simply infuriating!!

Now it is all over the press that they *think* Cho was autistic and that is what led him to kill 32 people plus himself. People now think anyone who seems "distant","uncaring", etc. is autistic. I am sorry, but while I know auties are known to have tantrums, and their frustration can lead to some violent behavior, this in no way means that everyone who is violent is autistic. I am sorry, but there are more severe conditions that result in violence other than autism. Most of all, autism is NOT a mental illness!!! It is a NEUROLOGICAL disorder. What is even more frightening is that now, when we mention Nick has autism, people will only think of this psycho who was very disturbed mentally, and not see what a wonderful little boy Nick is. They will automatically think that Nick is just seething with anger, and that he should be kept away from the public because he is a danger to others. America needs to wisen up.

One amazing little boy!

We often wonder just how much is "getting through" to Nicholas since he rarely lets us know what is on his mind. This week we had some real surprises!

Mike was sitting on the couch watching tv when Nick came up to him and goes "Doing?" Mike was shocked and actually answered with "I am sitting on the couch. WHat are you doing?" Nick then went into the kitchen where he started playing with his Leap Frog Fridge Magnets where we got even more shocks! Nick was saying "Yeyow"(Yellow), and "Geen"(Green). Those were the colors of the letters he was playing with!!! He proceeded to put the little letter magnets in the toy and said some of them like "N", and "W" upon recognition. He also noticed that the "M" could be a "W" when turned upside down. I know this because he studied it, said "Doudle EEww" (Double u)and then turned the M the right way.

I believe his receptive language is also getting better as he seems to be understanding us when we explain things to him. It is just amazing to be a witness to these little daily miracles. He has been very cuddly lately, and has seemed to develop a slight sense of humor-he cracks up when he farts and we make a silly face.

Today when I met him at the bus after school, he looked at me, smiled, and said "Hi!" A few minutes later I asked for a hug, and he put his little head on my shoulder and wrapped his little arm around my neck. We hugged for about a minute or so, and then went back to playing. I cannot express how much these little miracles give me such joy. I am just tearing up with happiness right now!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Apparently I jinxed myself when I posted yesterday about Nick eating Ritz crackers! I gave him some today after he ate his lunch, and all he did was line them up on the table. They went nowhere near his mouth. Oh Well. We will keep at it.

Our big outing today was to get Michael's hair cut, and if possible, Nick's as well. I thought it was a hopeless cause the second we entered the salon. There were tons of people waiting in line, and more waiting in chairs. We had barely set foot in the building before Nick was stepping all over the other people to get to a light switch. He managed to step on one little girls foot, and I apologized profusely at her. Nick it seemed was on a rampage. I tried to get him diverted to another portion of the small room. Over on the other side he went right for an electrical outlet and ended up knocking over some of the haircare products(he is not graceful in movement by any means!). I ended up having to hold is hand very firmly with him slightly protesting. I was seriously thinking maybe this was not such a good idea, and was about ready to confine him to a stroller-only I did not think it would have helped matters much. The good Lord must have had some pity,because we were able to go right in. I was cautiously optimistic when I plopped Nick down in the chair to get his hair cut. Needless to say, he sat VERY still, and I was very impressed with his hairdresser. Nick did not make one single peep-I don't think he even moved the whole time. I was silently jumping for joy. This was a first. I made sure they did not have those vacuum attachments that torment him so much-he was a perfect little angel. Then it was time for Michael to get his hair done. Nick spent the time amused by the reflection of his hand in the metal parts of the chair, and voila, we were done! Score!!