Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things I have learned since having children....

1. You CAN love the second child just as much as the first.

2. A small lizard can fit inside of a matchbox car--and live.

3. A small lizard inside a matchbox car cannot be taken out of car.

4. Lizards cannot swim

5. Toilets do not like to flush when you unroll a whole roll of toilet paper in them.

6. Toilets are a good place to store your sippy cup if you are two years old. You can also store the TV remotes and your older brothers toys here.

7. It is possible to get shoe polish off walls

8. Milk Bones ARE nutritious

9. If you take a mouthful of Gravy Train you will have brown "gravy" coming from your mouth

10. Gravy Train IS nutritous

11. Toddler will eat dog food with no problems, but will refuse to eat any food you make.

12. The REAL ER at 3am looks nothing like the TV ER

14. They really can glue your childs' forehead back together

15. They will not give you a tube of this skin glue,no matter how many times you beg

16. You probably DON'T want to know what that sound was!