Friday, December 07, 2007

Fantasy Lights

We took the boys to see the Christmas lights they have in Spanaway Park last Sunday. It was just what Nick LOVED. All those blinking, and colorful lights. He simply was in heaven-we could hear squeals and giggles of pure delight coming from the back seat. He was just so happy. He has completely gotten over his cold, and is back to his joyous old self. Including waking up at 3am, turning on the bedroom light and spinning his favorite toy....much to the dismay of his sleepy family. He goes through periods like this where he is up at 3-4am just doing whatever. I have heard tons of out and out laughter coming out of his dark bedroom-which begs the question...who or what is he laughing at?? It seems that this is a world that only Nick inhabits, and us "outsiders" are excluded. All I know is the air must be pretty funny at night. His glorious laughter is simply wonderful-even at 4am.

Nick has also made some progress in his self-help skills. He can now pull up his pants(he still needs help; as he only pulls the front),can pull his shirt over his head to get it off or on, and Mike has even taught him to open the fridge and get his milk out upon request. We are still in search for a home therapist, but we have a couple of leads that sound promising. His Dr also called me back today saying he put in a referral for an Occupational therapist. This will help Nick with his toe-walking,ear flicking, and all the other "inappropriate" stims he does. He is going to the speech clinic in University Place now every Wed. His schedule is pretty packed on his "day off" from pre-school. He has to be at UW for ABA therapy at 8:30am, that lasts one hour, after that, it is off to speech therapy for another 30min; by that time, it is almost time to pick up Michael from school. I have no idea of where we will fit in the OT, but we will. Other than that, not much else is going on. Here are some photos from last weekend.


M said...

The pictures are just fantastic. Your boys are so beautiful.

And isn't it funny how fast a "day off" gets full!

HOORAY for fantasy lights! We get free tickets to see it every year through my husband's work and I'm thinking we're hitting it sometime this week (no thanks for the weekend! too busy!) we haven't been in a few years! I cannot IMAGINE how excited Liam will be! glad you have a nighttime giggler. Liam's been having random screams at night but there have been many many nights where he's up for a good hour or two just 'talking' and laughing his butt off. I always wonder just what is so fantastic at that early early hour!

Good luck finding an in home therapist!

Amy said...

Thanks so much M! How is Liam doing? I do stop by your site every now and then. I don't really mind the nighttime giggles; in fact some days I wish I could be that happy in the morning ;)