Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nick's World

I was able to get some video of him this morning doing some of the things that he does. The first video captures his "machine" voice. He will do this with just about anything, but mostly body parts (i.e. his arm), and geometric shaped objects like the picture frame he has.

In the second video you see him spinning one of his favorite toys. He also incorporated the picture frame in this sort of "play". It seems that he is looking at the reflection cast by the spinning toy in the picture frame. The round object on the table is a mint case that he has peeled off the stickers.

Some of his ramblings make words. As you can hear in the third video, he says what sounds like "Got milk". Another obsession he has started lately is the need to carry around a towel,blanket, or any other item of clothing. He also likes to stand things up.

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