Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good News!!

Nick has made very good progress with requesting things this week! His therapist at UW is amazed at all he is doing! He can now follow one-step commands like "clean-up", "sit-down", "get down" etc. All of this has taken LOTS of practice; but he is now getting it. We work with him every day on simple things like greeting people (saying HI, BYE, Good Night,etc), and making him request things like Cup, cracker,etc. Things are connecting. Today I picked up some BK because I had school tonight and did not feel like cooking. Nick stood beside me and acted like he wanted a french fry. I gave him one (I know, a big No-No while GF/CF-but he did not eat it anyway) and said "french fry". He took it, smelled it, rolled it on his face, got it to the lips, then was done. Well, he came up to me, looked at me, and said "french fry". I was so happy and shocked that I gave him another one and lots of praise! We have also practiced a bed time routine of saying "Good night" before going to bed. I told him one night "Nick, go say goodnight to daddy". He went down the hallway, found daddy in the living room on the couch and stood beside him. He needed a little prompting with speaking, but he did it! He now says "Good night, I love you" on his own.

We also found a therapist to work with him at home. She was recommended by our therapist at UW. She has worked with many autistic kids and she was looking for more hours, so she asked our therapist if she knew of anyone. Well, 'C' e-mailed me today at work asking if we were interested. OF COURSE! She will be coming Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm. I still have not recieved the report from the speech clinic, so I am not sure of how much he will get there; but I am just glad that things seem to be falling into place. We have had a good week over here. Ending with a couple of pictures of Nick just being himself.

He loves to watch things spin in the microwave :)
Also a current obsession with him is to carry around a blanket,towel,or sheet wherever he goes. This is his favorite sheet in the pics.

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M said...

What fantastic progress! Way to go Nick!

And good luck with "C" our fave therapist is a "C" so I'm convinced that's the magic letter. ;) (Funny. I just realized his therapists are A, B, and C. lmao)

This really sounds like an amazing week for Nick. I'm so happy for you!