Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two sides of Nicholas

Apparently Nick had a bad day at school today. Even the bus driver had heard of Nick's horrible day and attempted to appease him with her flashlight. That worked wonders, of course until it was time for him to get off the bus and give it back. The ensued screaming could be heard from inside the house-ahhhh, Nick was home. The school has started writing daily notes about his day and sending it home with him. Todays note was very interesting to say the least. Made for a humorous read. Here is what it says: Today in centers I: Helped with blocksgoing good so far We read a story called: Guess how much I love you ok For Group activity we: Had Speech NOTES: Here's the kicker Very Emotional day-haven't seen him get so upset before!One of two things can be envisioned here. Usually involves an object being hurled Did not want to give up activitiesYou don't say? It was cute and a learning experience!Yes, I am SURE it was! Nick has shown us another side as well. He is making some pretty big leaps in development--rather quickly! He has started to put words together to request things!! This week alone he has: Pulled Mike by the hand to the fridge, made him open it, and Nick put his hand on the applesauce and said "applesauce". He has also done this with MIlk,yogurt, and fish crackers. Today he pulled Mike by the hand and said "Up please,light on" That's FOUR words....together!!! I also got this on video a couple of nights ago:

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Jessica said...

It's certainly not unheard of for kids who make a big leap in one area to take a downhill slide in another. His speech is coming along so great so he has to give up on the good behavior. In time, it will straighten out I'm sure. It might be a good idea to stress giving Nick some verbal warnings before an activity is over if they aren't doing so already. It helps with Wes greatly! 4 words is alot for being practically non-verbal at the beginning of the year! Isn't it just incredible?