Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Silly Talk...Silly Dance....Silly BOY!

Nick engages in these things almost on a daily basis; and you know what?? I LOVE it! Sure Nick says non-sense words that nobody understands; but when he is saying them he is usually HAPPY! Yesterday Nick and Michael went on a banter of "eeeeellloww" back and forth. Nick has quite a few words that we just don't understand. He says them clearly(and loudly I might add). Some of them are: "Aya", "Dee-nee-nee","eeellow", and a humming sound. The humming is almost like he is imitating a machine of some sort. It is very precise, and is usually accompanied by some sort of action from Nick; i.e. moving his arm up and down. We have been trying to think of what this might be, and the only thing we could think of is the sound of the garbage truck that comes every week.

Even though they are more than likely just some vocal stimming that kids with ASD will do, it is still a way to connect with him and it can be fun at times to hear his little diddies throughout the house.


Joeymom said...

We have the nonsense words, too- Joey and Andy even have games with nonsense words. The most popular is "wa... Dah!" in which you put your head down during the "wa" then lift it suddenly to "dah" and laugh. They also rock together while chanting "Dee-dee-dee" or "daa-daa-daa." Joey also clicks- and we have realized the sound is the indicator light in the car. It is amazing how exactly Joey can imitate sounds. It can even be startling.

NIck's a cutie, BTW. Love the clip. :)

Amy said...

OMG Nick does the clicking sounds too! He imitates the blinker in the car and the sound of the pull string on the ceiling fan!!LOL!