Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Progress at last!

Nick has made great strides ahead this week! He is now matching pictures with great accuracy-and he has only been doing this for a few days!! We also work with him on labeling. We have started with animals, and that seems to be going well. Mike is getting in on our little sessions as he was amazed with Nick's voice actually speaking! We play the "What's This?" game. I hold up a card with an animal on it and ask "What's this?" Nick points to the card and echoes the question. I then say the name of the animal and he will then say it. Today we threw in a flip-book with different pictures in it-and went through the whole book with him.

Today he also ate a WHOLE jar of Del Monte Stage 3 Chicken soup dinner!!! He actually CHEWED the little bits of noodles and veggies! I was amazed!!

Last night Mike went to go check on the boys before heading to bed. He went into the room and saw that Nick was not in his bed. He found him sitting on Michael's bed looking out the window. Mike asked him "Nick; what are you doing?" Nick looked right at him and softly said "window" and then looked back. Mike was so stunned that he came and immediately told me the story. It was like we had won the lottery. Tears of pride welled up for my little guy. Today, Mike asked Nick if he wanted to be lifted up--and Nick responded with a simple "No". We have never been so overjoyed to hear "No" in our lives =) We are loving every minute of this!


Dana said...

Sometimes it's baby steps, and other times it leaps. It sounds to me like Nick is taking leaps. He may not be able to tell you in "normal" ways how thankful he is to have you two as parents, but every now and then he gets a moment and I believe he takes those moments and gives you everything he has, to say THANKYOU, it just comes out as "window" or "no" :) Keep up the fight!!! We may not be able to take the autism away but we can sure as hell hope to kick it's ass anyways, I think Nick already knows this.

Jessica said...

Oh I am so happy to hear this update! I knew Nick could do it and you are doing such a great job in helping him. You are an amazing mother. Keep up the great work both of you! Isn't it music to your ears?

Amy said...

Thanks Dana and Jessica for your lovely comments! They almost brought tears to my eyes =) These boys of ours can be very trying at times, and so wonderful at others. Somedays I really wonder exactly who is teaching who?