Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mommy and Me time!

Monday was a nice day outside, so I took the boys to the zoo for some fun. Michael had a great time, and as far as I could tell, Nick seemed to like it as well. He was not too interested in the animals, but he seemed to really like the fish in the aquarium. Some areas just were not his faves though. The whale show was difficult for him. With all the people crowded around us he started to lose it. Michael got to see the show, but Nick was happier strapped in his stroller in back of the crowds. We had a couple of meltdowns-but they were easily controlled, so it turned out pretty nice.

I applied for SSI for Nick. We find out Aug 3 if we will get it. This would mean extra money for his therapies, or other supplies he needs. I also got the referral from our insurance to cover $2500 month for ABA therapy, as well as going to the University of Wa. He is still on the list for Speech and Oral motor therapies.

Friday we had our first appt. at U.W. It was basically a "get-to-know-you" session. She asked me a lot of questions regarding Nick, and then proceeded to work with him a little bit. He did pretty good with matching objects, and puzzles. As well as asking for more crackers. She told me to write down every time he bangs his head or hits himself so that we can figure out what is causing him to do that, and we can teach him a more appropriate behavior. Since Friday, we have already used up one sheet of paper that she gave us. We still have 5 more days to go!

Today, I worked with Nick a bit on labeling animals. We used flash cards that had what the animal felt like on them. I held up the card and asked "what is this?" and then moved his hand over the patch of fur, or material, and said the name of the animal on the card. He then repeated the name after I said it, and he was rewarded with playing with a toy for a minute. We repeated this drill twice-and went through all the flash cards. I am now searching to find him a therapist this next week of my vacation. I would do it in a heart-beat if I did not have to work. I know Mike would do it if he had to, but he is not the kind of person to just sit at a table or in a room for the day. He would much rather have Nick out and about in the real-world...which is good too. He would do it if we can't find someone, but I think it would just be easier to have someone else here.

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