Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Day at the Mall

Seeing is Believing!! Here is the PROOF that Nick is back to eating french fries!!

And yes, I was the overzealous mom taking pictures of her kids eating french fries. You would too if every piece of table food was a struggle for your little guy. I am so proud of Nick for this seemingly small victory. We would serve up french fries everyday if it would not harden our arteries!

Today we again went to the play area in the mall. Nick learned to climb through the little tunnel, and ALMOST went down the little slide by himself. The steps are a little small and steep, so he ended up backing down at the last minute. Michael was right behind him to make sure he did not fall-what a lovely big brother. We did have a couple of instances where Nick hit another kid-and I was quick to tell him NO! and we went up to the little boy and apologized. I showed Nick that we be "nice" to other kids by taking his hand and patting the boy GENTLY on the arm. After a few minutes of letting Nick play on the seat with me, I took him over to one of the other climbing things(it was a little pig) and he practiced climbing on that for a little bit.

Monday we have a trip to the zoo planned, and the rest of the week will be devoted to checking into SSI, and scouting around for a private therapist. Thursday we have our first appt. with UW. Wish us luck!!

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Wil said...

Congrats on the new food! Our son is a very picky eater as well, and we know too well how hard it is to introduce new foods. Sometimes it's hard for us to keep trying new foods, but little victories like this help re-motivate us :)