Saturday, June 09, 2007

Feeding Therapy

We saw the nutritionist again this week. She had wanted to do a follow up on Nick since our last appointment. It did not help that he had just gone through another eating funk where he barely ate anything-jarred food included. He had managed to lose a little weight, so she is going to call Nick's doctor and recommend we get him into a feeding program. I never knew feeding therapists existed-but, then again, I am learning on-the-job here.

His latest "siege" seems to be over, and we got our jolly little Nicholas back. He is quite cheery, and ready with a smile, and that is good. We have worked with him on clapping and he now does it most of the time with little prompting. Right now, he is just a joy. He is definitely a "Mommy's Boy". When I get home he wants to be near me and will have an absolute fit if I have to leave again. He will come and throw his arms around my legs and look up at me with the biggest grin. You cannot resist smothering him with kisses when he is just being lovely.

Right now, all is well and he is happily "talking" with his big brother. He is mimicking today like crazy and has even said a couple of words on his own!! He said "Boo!" to Michael and "hello" just now. This morning they are playing together in their own "not-so-typical" way, but I am happy to see them interact in a playful manner. Usually we get screaming from one or the other..or both.

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Joeymom said...

Yes, feeding clinics can be really helpful. I have a friend who has all three of her kids going to a feeding therapist for a variety of issues. An OT with understanding of sensory integration can be helpful, too.

And wow- words! Fabulous! Here's hoping for more lovely days!