Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Weekend!!

We have had a very busy weekend here. It started Friday morning around 8:30am-when I got a call that I was needed down at Hangar 7 to retrieve some bleachers needed for the Special Olympics. I met up with one of the Officers and one NCO down at Hangar 1 who were already working the issue. We drove a truck down to Hangar 7 and started towing the bleachers to where we needed them. I was pretty much out of my shop for the rest of the day-helping where I was needed. Friday evening was the Opening Ceremonies and everyone who is anyone on base was there. We had News coverage (which myself and another NCO kept a watchful eye on--Our Captain had said they had wanted to interview someone from the base-and suggested our names!). As the athletes started marching in, it was hard not to get a tear in your eye. They were all so happy to be there-they were just beaming with excitement. There were 2,300 athletes plus their families and coaches!! I stayed until the Ceremonies were over and did not get home until around 10pm. I had to be up Saturday morning to get ready for a Birthday party Michael had been invited to at 11:45am. We still needed to get a present-so we were out the door by 10:30am. It took us a few minutes in the toy aisle to decide what we wanted to buy. We decided on a Shrek 3 game. It was a new movie toy and chances were about 100% that he did not already have this game-plus since it was Shrek; it had a general "disgusting" appeal; which got a stamp of approval from my own 8yr old little Ogre. Time to head off to the party.

The party was held at a Sprinker Recreation Center in Spanaway. Not too far from where we first lived when we moved here. It was held at the indoor ice-rink so we all went ice-skating. It was nice and cool inside;which was a break from the heat outside. Ice-skating is very similiar to roller blading and Michael was zipping around on the ice in no time. I too got the hang of skating on ice very quickly. Before I knew it; Michael was out in the center of the rink watching some of the figure skaters doing their jumps and spins. We might just be making more trips out that way during the summer.

After the party; we came home for a bit, and then Michael and I went back out to the Special Olympics to help out with the Victory Dance that evening. We were there from about 5pm-10pm. The Victory Dance was fun for Michael too. He played some games and won a few prizes, and he enjoyed listening to the band play. He said he had a good time even just following me around while I was helping a few "lost" athletes find their parties. We got home and Michael just crashed. Today, I am looking forward to not doing as much and just hanging out at home.

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