Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well, the PECS are going so-so. I think it is mostly my fault though. I just get impatient with how slow things are going. This is not one of those things that happen overnight-my brain knows that...but my heart does not. I think the reality is starting to sink in a little more. His quirkiness is becoming more apparent-and it is sinking in that this will be a long haul. Our sessions with him are very brief-he cannot sit still for more than a minute, and after each task I have to let him run in circles, or into the livingroom for a bit. Today we got two items accomplished before he shut down. He wants to stay in his world, and we are trying to bring him makes for a unruly setting. I just have to remember to take it slow...Rome was not built in a day.

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Jessica said...

It didn't happen overnight with Wes either. We started by putting the picture of what we were giving him on the cover of his folder and doing hand over hand taking it off and handing it to us. Eventually, he got it and was doing it on his own. He is able to go through his folder himself and pull out what we are giving him.

Try doing that. Once he hands you the card, repeat a couple of times what the picture is until he looks at it. For some of his favorite things like books, toys, ect, it might be more helpful to use the actual pictures of them.

When Wes' ABA works with him, she does one activity like imitation or animal matching, then something quick that he knows how to do like a puzzle or shape sorter, then goes back to the activity and then he gets a small break of a few minutes. It's usually watching Thomas the Train.

Going slow with Nick might be best and working up to longer sessions. If you let him run the sessions at first, you might see his attention will expand more.

Hope any of that helps!