Monday, May 28, 2007

Another day....another hole in the wall

This morning started out just like the last few mornings...with Nick in one of his moods where the slightest thing sends him into a tizzy. There is another hole in our wall-right under a light switch in the bedroom where Nick banged his head. UGH! I need a room with padded walls. The picture above is reminiscent of happier times. Today I took Nick to Target and we bought some outdoor summer stuff. A little chair for him to sit in outside, and some water toys. He weathered that trip fairly well, and when we came home I let the boys play outside. That pretty much wore him out,and before I knew it, he was in his bed asleep. I was ever so grateful to have a couple of hours of peace from screaming and banging. I was about to let him sleep however long he wanted to if it meant a break from outbursts. He woke up in a fairly pleasant mood though...until it was time to eat. He will eat something one minute, and by the time the next bite comes along he won't even look at it. Makes a small job very frustrating. Today he did manage to say "All done" without prompting so I guess the day was not a complete waste.

I got a new book while I was at Target. It is called "Born on a Blue Day". It is the story of Daniel Tammet. He is diagnosed as an Autistic Savant and thinks in numbers and colors. He can do huge mathematical sums in his head. He can also calculate what day a certain date fell on years ago. It is quite an interesting read. Positive books like this one give me hope on days like today.

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