Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why is this such a hassle???

Why does getting help for my son have to be such a hassle??! I called our new case manager just now to ask if there is any program we can get Nicholas into while we are on a never-ending waiting list for UW. She asked me what level his self-help skills are at. I will tell you where they are at....NOWHERE!! His language is at best at a 12 month level. I just cannot fathom waiting anymore. I have been patient,and accomodating-it is not getting us anywhere fast. I must hound and hound if I want anything for him. She told me "Well,there is not many things out there for him" WHAT???!!! That cannot be!! If I must, I will call these people in charge of programs directly. He is covered through the state disabilities program, he is covered through the military-he is on at least 3 different programs for disabilities.
I got her to agree to a meeting at home with us next week. That is a start at least.


Jessica said...

Oh Amy. Boy do I know where you are coming from. All I can say is just fight. Keep fighting until there is no fight left. Just when you think you've spent it all, more will appear. Especially when Nick makes further progress. It does suck that we have to put up with so much just to get help for our kids. Hopefully, someday, that will change. For right now, keep fighting girl. It's not in vain.

Amy said...

Thanks Jessica! I was hoping that in this day and age that I would not have to fight to get services for Nick. Apparently, that is not the case, and I am finding it in me to give him a voice.