Saturday, April 21, 2007

No wonder autism gets such a bad rep?!!!!

This article is just simply infuriating!!

Now it is all over the press that they *think* Cho was autistic and that is what led him to kill 32 people plus himself. People now think anyone who seems "distant","uncaring", etc. is autistic. I am sorry, but while I know auties are known to have tantrums, and their frustration can lead to some violent behavior, this in no way means that everyone who is violent is autistic. I am sorry, but there are more severe conditions that result in violence other than autism. Most of all, autism is NOT a mental illness!!! It is a NEUROLOGICAL disorder. What is even more frightening is that now, when we mention Nick has autism, people will only think of this psycho who was very disturbed mentally, and not see what a wonderful little boy Nick is. They will automatically think that Nick is just seething with anger, and that he should be kept away from the public because he is a danger to others. America needs to wisen up.

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