Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!


Nick did fairly well today at the game! He even managed to clap and cheer for Michael after everyone else did! One mom claimed that was the first time she had heard Nick say Michael's name! I told Michael that his brother was cheering for him and he said "I know! I heard him!". AHHHH,a few seconds of normalcy. The rest of the time he was spinning himself,and hiding behind the barriers. Other times he would wave his hand in front of his face,laugh,and blurt out some verbal expression that no one understood. He was a very cuddly bugger today as well. He went up to nearly everyone and "hugged" their legs. He spent a few minutes examining the zipper on one parents jacket,amazed by its long tail hanging from the zipper head. I forget how many times we were asked if we saw Oprah on Thursday. Yes we did. I just wish she had other parents on there rather than the same people who had been on Larry King a couple weeks before. Seeing older kids who still stim like Nick does, just brings it home that Nick might not ever "fit in". It is hard when we go out-he does not vocalize like a normal three year old would. He has his little vocal stims-sometimes he repeats a word over and over again, like "Aya". Sometimes he shouts in jibberish. He ALWAYS takes his shoes off, and he has a new thing now where he places one hand on top of the other and screeches with delight. Mike is getting better at difusing his meltdowns. When Nick starts getting crazy, he offers up a sticker or two. This might be the reason I have found address stickers all over the house lately. Last night though, we were not fast enough, and before we knew it, Nick ran head first into a wall. Nothing like seeing your 3yr old bounce his own head off a wall. It is not something I care to see everyday. Normally, he would gently bang it, now it is all or nothing it seems. And yes, he has bruises now to prove it. I have our new case manager coming out on Tuesday to do another evaluation on him. Hopefully she can offer up some more programs for him. I have a few in mind of my own, such as the Auditory Integration Therapy that I have read about. But,we will see if she has anything she can get us into. I called UW last week, and got an e-mail back from them saying it could be months before Nick gets in. I can't wait months. Anyway, since Nick does not eat any candy(or any other table food for that matter) here is his Easter loot this year:

I am going to give the Fridge phonics a try. And I also bought him some flash cards with animals and textures on them.
Have a great Easter everyone!

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