Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ready for his closeup!!

Nice to see him SMILE!

This is what I usually get from him...

We have had lots of good days with Nick this week! He has been his usual UN-usual self; and we are happy to see that. Not very many tantrums this week. In fact, we have had some what of a language explosion recently. Nick has learned through echoing-the use of the word "Goodnight". He will say this everynight after I say "Goodnight Nick"..he says "Goodnight". He has also answered a few questions recently. Nothing too extravagant; one word answers that have to be thought of heavily by him, but it is progress. I think pre-school has done wonders for him. I don't know what we will do when he is out for the summer. I am hoping his ABA and Speech through UW will have started by then. It is frustrating to play this waiting game. Don't have much to write tonight; I will write more tomorrow. Now, I think I will just go check on my babes and turn in for the night!

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