Sunday, February 25, 2007

Piano Man

We caught Nicholas playing this little piano tonight! He really likes this toy-it is one of the only toys that he plays with appropriately. Not totally surprising since he just loves music. Tonight while he was playing the piano, he did not mind daddy taking his hand and playing a little melody...usually he hates it when you try this and pulls his hand away. Daddy joined him and Nick looked right at him-not to the side,up,or down,but AT him. He would listen to the muffled notes through a blanket,take it off and then listen again. He put the piano to his ear and listened that way, then he would put it back down and copy with his voice what was played. He would also lay flat on the bed and play the keyes. He wanted to hear the music in every way that he could-and hear the way it sounded in different ways. He must have done this for at least 45min. I think one of our next gifts to him will be a little piano that he can sit at. He just seems to totally "get" music. He learns everything if you put it to song-he hums and sings these little diddies all the time. Who knows??

Here is a GREAT site to check out!!

Please check them out! It is a great site about living with autism!!

We had Michael's first game today. It was bad! They lost 7-0. We have quite a few first time players, so they need more practice. The team we played today was "stacked"-meaning they put all the best players on that one team. Knowing this,we don't feel so bad. Our kids are good,they just need more playing time together. The problem is that we normally only have about 5-6 of them show up for practices! I think that is upsetting to Mike as he knows they need more drills and more knowledge of positions,etc.,but he can only do so much when they fail to show up for practices. Here are some pics from the game today.

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