Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Night Shift

I am adjusting to life as a vampire quicker than I thought I would. In fact, I think I really like this shift. I get off around 7 or 7:20 and have enough time to drive Nick to school. By the time I get home Mike is up and both boys are pretty much ready to go. This morning Michael was eating cereal at the counter,and the hunt was on for Nicks other shoe. Daddy had found one, and when I came in he was in the process of looking for #2. I found it in the playroom, and we got jackets on,sippy cup,a change of clothes, and we were off. I got a good word from Nicks teacher this morning. He feels safe enough to go to her when he gets uncomfortable. He holds her hand, and squeezes it when he feels the need to. Today he did not even cry when I left!!! At daycare I always had to leave him there screaming for me. I think he is going to do well in this school! It was good news to hear!!

I get home around 8:30 and then sleep until around 3pm. So, I am able to see the boys before they leave for school, and I tuck them in bed at night. As for work, we just all seem to work well together. Last night we were steadily busy until 5:30am. At that point, we were rather tired, and I just had the guys do a clean up, and get ready for day shift to come in. I am just hoping that we are allowed to continue with this shift schedule-it stinks when you get started on one shift,and then stop it after a few days. We are doing as much as we can do until we get too tired. Then it can become a question of safety, and we need to take a break for a while.

Mike and Michael are at soccer practice now. Mike has taken on coaching an additional team, and NO,I am not the Team Parent for both teams...I can barely keep up with our own team! Nicholas is here with me having fun playing with the blinds. Well, I am gonna get dinner finished and get the boys to bed. We are doing well this week.


Alex & Javier said...

Hi Amy,

My name is Alex and my son has autism as well. I found your blog while browsing through other autism blogs. I feel terrible for you with that work schedule. I work full-time 8am to 5pm and evenings when needed and I am chronically tired. Good luck.

Take care.


amy said...

Hi Alex! I guess I am a night owl by nature,so that schedule actually works for me. I would prefer that I did not have to work at all of course,but my husband stays home with the kids,and we get the medical benefits through my job.