Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!

As you can now see, I have figured out how to do slideshows! The newest slides are from today. We had Nicks birthday party today, and from what I can tell he had a pretty good time. Only one of our friends ended up coming,but it was just enough really for Nick. Corey from across the street ended up coming over, so there was one more kid for Michael to play with.

Yesterday we were quite busy with shopping. We went to Wal-mart and bought all the party necessities. Treat bags,prizes,tablecloth,candle,ribbon, and also his presents. We got him a Spiderman that sings and dances, and a little rocking horse that makes noises too. After Wal-mart,we were off to Safeway to get the cake. We also picked up some chips and dip, and some sodas. Today was a mad house with setting up, and cleaning up the house before everyone showed up. I was not sure how Nick would act because he was pretty mad this morning-screaming,arching his back,head banging..etc. He has started that in earnest now. He falls to the floor,stiffens like a board, and just screams at the top of his lungs! Then, if he is still not satisfied, he finds a wall and BAM!

Tomorrow is his last day at the Birth to three center. It is kind of is the ending of the first chapter and now we are beginning another one. But,Nick has outgrown the center in a way. He needs more. He will start pre-school later this month, and hopefully in a couple of months we will get a call from UW saying they can start ABA and speech. I am really looking forward to seeing what pre-school does for him. We are hoping it gets him talking more, and learning to deal with other people.

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