Saturday, January 06, 2007

The wonders of Supplements

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would have considered introducing some supplements to Nick's diet I would have said No. Not the typical vitamin supplements you give to a kid who simply does not eat well, but supplements to supposedly help break down some walls from his autism. I am not looking for a miracle "cure", I know that he will always have autism-I believe it is something he was born with. When I think back to his babyhood,there was some instances that stood out. For example,he did not sit on his own until he started crawling. At one year old, you could ask Michael "Where's daddy?" and he would look for him. I remember asking Nick several times after he turned one, only to be met with a blank stare. I am only hoping for more connections to be made. We are aching to hear Nick's little voice. Sure, he says a few words here and there,and will sing songs..all we ask for is the possibility of a little more. I have read about Cod Liver Oil
and many of the other moms have tried it as well on their kids and have said they had improvement in speech. I ventured out into the rain,and bought an 8oz bottle of the Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil (Orange flavored) to try on Nick. Mike did not even protest to this-he is eager to see any improvements Nick can make,and I know he would go to the end of the earth if it meant his son would talk. I gave him a tiny bit after his dinner,and we shall see what happens. I am not going to go all out into chelation to remove heavy metals, or anything too wild like that. That is just not where I am at right now. I just want to hear my sons voice.

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