Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We are HOME!!!!

Finally!!! For those who did not hear about our little journey back to Washington,let me fill you in on what happened!

We left Deltona on Wednesday (1 week ago today) and headed up to Walterboro,S.C. to visit with Mike's sister and brother. We had a great time,and we went out to eat at Ryan's with Tina and all the girls.(Tina,her daughters Brittany, Kaylee,and Martika,and Martika's little girl,Amaya. Tina also brought along her boyfriend Mario.)We got to visit with Bobby and his family,and Michael finally got to meet the only two boy cousins he has...Bobby Jr. and Ryan. We stayed the night at Tina's,and left Thursday morning. That day,we drove to Tennessee before turning in for the night. We got up Friday and drove to Amarillo,Texas. In Amarillo,the crap litterally hit the fan. That whole region was stuck in a ice/snow storm,and I-40 Westbound was closed. Since we could not go any further,we tried to find a hotel room. No luck--every hotel we went to was full. They were predicting another storm to hit that night,and we were running out of options fast. We headed South on I-25,and came across a very small town called Tulia. By this time it was 4am,and we had been on the road for 20 hours. Fortunately,there was a hotel in this small town,and we pulled over. Since I-40 was closed for about 24hours, we decided to stay for two nights. Over the radio we had heard that all roads going west bound were closed. We got up Sunday morning,turned on the news and heard that I-40 was open now. We packed up the car and headed West to New Mexico. All was going fine as we crossed the boarder to New Mexico. We got about 30 miles from the boarder,and they closed I-40 again. We went back to Texas,and tried to head North to Colorado,but we were stopped again. All roads headed that way were closed. So,back in Texas we are,and getting more frustrated with each passing moment. We drove down to I-10 and crossed our fingers. As we approached the southern New Mexico boarder we grew anxious and held our breath. Well,all I can say is that we should have done it a LOT sooner! We had no problems,and spent New Years driving through Roswell! We did not see E.T.,but we did not care....we were glad to be out of Texas and to be moving forward in our journey! We pulled in last night around 7pm and spent most of the day today unpacking. We found out that our power had gone out for a couple of days while we were gone, so most of Michael's medicine went bad. I called Dr. McClellan today and he said that all I had to do was take the unused portion back to the pharmacy and they will be able to exchange them. He also said that all of Michael's labs came back just fine. We enjoyed our visit with everyone,I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and Christmas. I know we did!

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