Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hello from the frozen wasteland!!

That's sure what it felt like here the past couple of days! Tuesday night we had a round of snow,just a couple of inches,but they closed down schools nonetheless-so Michael got another snow day. By Wednesday evening that snow had melted,but we had more to come Wednesday night. Thursday I awoke to a blanket of snow on the ground once again, and Michael got to sleep in an extra two hours before going to school. By Thursday evening,the snow had stopped,but then the winds began to pick up. Temperatures fell to 15(no, I am not factoring in the winds-that was the REAL temp!)and the snow that had semi-melted,turned to ice. Today it got to freezing,so the ice is not going anywhere. Michael got his third snow day today,and we got out of work a little early. Nothing else new to report. Since the schools were closed today, we could not have Nicholas's IEP meeting that was scheduled for 11am. It has to be rescheduled for a later date. We are still giving Nick the Cod Liver Oil,and to be honest, I have noticed his speech is picking up! Today he climbed on the step-stool and began saying "Get down!" and "Nick NO!" He has also came up to daddy,led him by the hand to the fridge,and then said "Cup" or "Eat". He is not having any adverse reactions to the oil, so I figure it cannot hurt him. I give him 1/2 tsp. and I mix it with his cup of PediaSure. Sounds gross,but he seems to like it. I promised Michael I would take him to a movie this weekend so he can have some MOMMY time to himself. I already did the grocery shopping today,so I have THREE WHOLE DAYS to spend with my boys! I took some pictures of Nick tonight at dinner time. I thought this was hilarious when I saw what Nick had done with his goldfish!

He LINED them up! A typical "autie" trait...but funny anyways!

Hey,it happens to be FUN lining up my crackers, so what of it??!!

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