Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another year older

I am another year older today. Wow. Big Whoop. I am not even counting anymore,it is getting too depressing and actually I would rather not even think about it. In my mind, I am still 20 years old and that is all that counts. I wont even get into what age my body actually is. I am forever trying to take that back since Things 1 and 2 happened. Things in that area have not progressed much.

Today was a good day. No, it was a GREAT day. I had the day off from work,and I was able to just do the mom thing. I took Michael to school at 8am,then came back home to get Nick ready for therapy. We arrived there about 5-10 minutes early and I started chatting with another mom who is new since I was last there. Her son,Tristan, is another "autie" and we hit it off right off the bat. I loved watching Tristan doing his own little "happy dance". His body movements are so similair to Nicks it just made me fall in love with the kid. I have grown very fond of these little flapper guys,and sometimes I think the world needs more of them.
We got to talking and comparing notes, and I asked her a few questions. Tristan as it turns out, is also a very picky eater and she told me that she has to put his food in a blender--which of course is similiar to our situation. She also has to put Tristan on a child leash due to the fact that he is a runner. She was saying she gets LOTS of stares from people, and I told her that we get them too. Especially at the grocery store. One lady made the comment "Isn't he too old for baby food?!" I dont go into detail with WHY we are buying babyfood for a 3yr old,all I say is "he has food issues". People have no idea of a certain parents situation,so why cant they just leave the comments and stares to themselves? I dont go around asking strangers in the store "why do you let your child eat that?". It is none of my business, so I stay out of it. I dont stare at your kid having a tantrum or make comments on your parenting skills, so dont do that to me!

It amazes me that in a couple of weeks my baby will be three years old. These are the days that I feel just a little sad for Nick. He does not get the immense joy of opening presents, or even understand the whys of getting them. I assume that he does like what we choose for him,based upon the amount of time he plays with the toy once it is out of the box; but it is hard to know what he TRULY likes. He has the same expression if given a Buzz Lightyear or a Spiderman. He has not the faintest idea of who these characters even are; much less have a favorite. He would be happy with a tv remote or a lightswitch. I think he would have a marvelous time if we just let him flick the switches all day long. But, regardless, he will always get a birthday party. I simply cannot choose to ignore it just because he could not care less. I would feel like the worst mother in the world. We are planning his party for Feb 11th, and am even thinking of getting a pinata....he just loves them so!

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