Friday, November 10, 2006


Nicholas has been making some big improvements with food! We can now get him to "try" jarred green veggies! This week he ate green beans and peas. We have to say "try" and get a little bit on his lips so he can lick it off and decide if he likes it. He still gagged somewhat,but he at least started to eat them. We tried a very small piece of hot dog,but he gagged on that(I mean it was a very small piece) and became we did not push it any further. We were happy just to get him to try it. We are re-introducing some of the Stage 3 babyfoods to get him used to chewing a little bit.

All of us had the day off today,and we took full advantage of just lounging around the house and being lazy. It has been raining all day long,so it was a good day to just stay inside. Michael has another loose tooth which is now hanging on by a thread. His new tooth is just starting to come in. We are all doing great. Have a great weekend!

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