Sunday, November 05, 2006

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The rainy season is in full swing up here in the Northwest! I feel like we should be building an ark with all the rain we have recieved over the past 24 hours. We are expected to get 2 more inches tonight, and over 2 inches tomorrow. We are under a flood watch until tomorrow evening. It is taking me a little time to get used to the daylight savings time this year. Normally it is no problem, and heck, last week I even welcomed turning the clocks back an hour. But this weekend it hit me as I was driving Nick to Chuck E. Cheese at 5:45pm and it was dark out! I am not talking about the "sun is setting" type of thing either-it was DARK! I will be eagerly anticipating our trip down south next month-maybe we can even hit the beach!

As for Nick; he did WONDERFUL in Chuck E. Cheese last night!! No meltdowns, in fact, he barely moved at all,and I was even allowed to laugh at my child's "oddness". Another mom was talking about her son being a picky eater, and I just had to chime in when she revealed her son smells his food before he eats it. Nick does this ALL the time, especially with new foods that are unfamiliar, and even with some that are. It is just a funny little thing he does. I had brought a stroller that I found for FREE, and packed some colorful straws and some snacks since there was no way he would even attempt to eat pizza or cake. I also brought some home made play doh in a little container in case we needed it. Nick sat quietly in the stroller which was just under eye level of the table, and was just a little gem.

Michael had a good time at his friend Keegan's house last night. I picked him up this morning. It was nice having both my boys home again! I missed them!

I changed the links up a little bit. I keep getting questions like "What IS autism?". These questions are mostly asked by acquaintances whom we do not see too often, or have no kids in which to reference to,so I thought I would put up a link describing this "different ability". Well, I am off to start putting little boys to bed. It is one of my favorite times with them...BATH TIME! They are so incredibly cute and good smelling!

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