Monday, November 06, 2006

24 hours

Change.That was the word of the day! First off, our weather. It has rained for about three days straight, but today was the worst. According to the news on the radio; we now have 18 counties declaring disaster. The roads are flooded all over western Washington. I hope everyone is having a better weather day than we are!! Ok, so DUE to this weather scenario, Mike's Guard unit called asking for volunteers to help with flood control. He declined the offer; stating that he was not trained on truck driving. Reality: It would have caused some hardship on us to find daycare that will accomodate Nick. You mention "Special needs" or "autism", and your daycare offers dwindle fast. Secondly, Mike might also have to go on a training mission in December! UGH!! We would still come down,but would need to make some hasty alternate plans of travel.

I sat quietly at dinner time; enjoying the company of my ever talkative 7 year old. I know I should be paying attention to what he says. After about the 3rd time of telling me about his friends pencil case, I am just nodding in agreement with everything he says. Every once in a while I interject something about needing to eat his dinner while he keeps talking. Nicholas slowly comes in to my peripheral vision; he is crawling on the floor rubbing his forehead on the linoleum, and then proceeds to the carpet. My boys.

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