Sunday, October 01, 2006

Walk Now

Yesterday we did our walk for the Cure Autism Now foundation. It was a wonderful time! I got to see Dana and them again, and the kids had a good time hanging out in Husky Stadium until the walk began. It was nice to be in a place where Nick could just be himself and we did not have one single person stare at us! It was ok to crawl around in circles and feel the astro-turf between your toes and fingers--no one in the room thought that was odd, or even gave you a second glance. We felt right at home!! Nick and Nathan raised over $500 for autism research. Not bad at all!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!

Nick loved the feel of the astro-turf!

Nick and Me

The lights look so pretty through the balloons!

Dana is going to send me some of the photos she took with her camara. So, I will publish those when I get them. I will do a more lengthy report later, I just wanted to get these up so everyone could see.

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