Monday, October 02, 2006


About a week ago my computer took a BIG dump and Mike had to install a new operating system(thanks in part to our little sticker-boy peeling off the Windows sticker with the numbers on it). Well, the one he put on there was not working for me--I could not view my pictures,videos, or anything else; so he installed a new system today and IT WORKS!!!

Dana and Troy came over today and we had one last visit before they went back home. It was fun getting together with them, and the kids played like they had never been apart!! Michael and Nathan were wrestling on the floor, and all we could hear was laughter. I think even Ericka had a good time--even if she was surrounded by boys! All three of them were carrying on without missing a beat! Nick even bonded with Troy--who showed him the wonderful art of spinning the wheels on skates!! Nick was even glad to see him today--greeting him with an acknowledging glance! I think Troy earned G*d like status with Nick--he worships people who show him how to spin new things!!LOL!! Today, Nick even played "peek-a-boo" with Troy. We loved seeing them was like old times.

After they left Michael and I had some fun decorating the windows with Halloween stickers. Michael wants to be a Pirate this year. A friend of mine is giving me a Micky Mouse costume for Nick. Hopefully, it will not rain like it did last year and they will actually get to wear their costumes!! Last year was a complete washout--Michael was going to be Darth Vader, and Nick was going to be Yoda. Mike had just come home from overseas and we were getting ready for our Disney trip. We spent last Halloween in the parking lot of Lowes with the boys asleep in the backseat. It was raining cats and dogs,and was cold out. We did not want to risk anyone getting sick while on vacation, and the boys were not too into trick or treating that night anyway. I hope this year it will at least be dry out.

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