Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just an update

Sorry it has been so long since my last update! We have been busy with soccer and school. School is going good for Michael so far. We have had an incident so far where his thermos leaked in his lunchbox. It was caught early in the morning before he even left for school and his lunch was spared. However, he decided that once he got to school, his lunch would not do and he bought school lunch on "credit". UGH! We were not happy when we heard this news, and we told him that if I give him a lunch he is to eat it and not buy school lunch.

Friday night I had a couple of my friends over for a Mary Kay party. We all got facials, and did our make-up and had some "girl talk". Nick decided he would flash everyone his family jewels and took off his diaper two times! I ended that by putting some sweat pants on him. Although, he unsnapped his onesie this morning and took his diaper off and peed on the floor. He was nearly undressed by the time I found him this morning. This is a new development, and I must admit, not one that I am fond of. Maybe he is ready for potty training?? We will have to find the sign for "potty"-as his vocabulary useage is still pretty much non-existant. Luckily, all the ladies that were over thought it was funny.

Saturday was Michael's first soccer game of the season. His team won 3-1!! He came very close to scoring a goal twice. He still gets his shots everynight, and so far has not had any side effects.

I put a new video on the links section of the blog. This is pretty much the extent of Nick's talking right now. He echoes certain words. Yesterday we played a little game to teach him to respond to his name. We employed big brother to help for this one. Michael first demonstrated so Nick would know what to expect. Michael went out of sight into the hallway, and I had Nick on my lap. I then called out "Michael" and Michael came to me. Then, it was Nick's turn. Michael held his hand and took him to the hallway. I then called "Nicholas" and Michael brought him to me. We did this for about 20 min and Nick was having a blast with this "game". The last time Nick actually walked to the hallway by himself and I called out "Nicholas"...and low and behold, he came running to me; laughing and giggling the whole way!

Gotta go for now. Lunch is to be served!

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