Sunday, September 03, 2006

The End of Summer

It is officially the last weekend of summer. We have done all of our school shopping, and are ready for the onslought of next week. We have enjoyed these past three weeks when we had not a single thing going on. Reality sets in full mode on Wednesday--Michael starts back to school(2nd grade...I cannot believe how time has flown!) and Nick starts therapy again on Tuesday.

Today I took the boys to the Tacoma Mall where I went and got both of them haircuts. I don't take them to the BX when I am alone because Nick freaks out even going NEAR the barber shop. I also tried to remember if any place has an oscillating fan-he hates those as well. I fully expected him to scream the entire time. The lady asked me if it would be the clippers that bugged him--I just said "No, it could be the lights, the sounds, the feel of the place". Luckily, they were not very busy, had only one oscillating fan(which we were not near), and the lights were ok. I also came prepared-with a trusty spinny toy. All in all, it went very well and I actually ENJOYED both of them!!

I took some "before and after" pics of their DO's:




Nick....After(Yes, I will be sending Jennifer this outfit too; I just wanted him to wear it ONE more time)

We had Friday off for a "Family Day" and Michael and I went to see "How to Eat Fried Worms"--Yes, it IS an actual movie, and Yes, it can be disgusting. I have learned that the more disgusting something is, the more Michael wants to see it. A ride is only cool if it makes you want to puke; kiddy rides are now pretty "lame" and he wants to go on the fast rides. He truly is counting the days until he is 48" tall-then it's open season for him! I just cringe at the thought of my "baby" going on all those scary rides where there is not a seat belt tight enough in my opinion. Don't mind me; I am just a neurotic mother!

I am adding some more pics to the picture album page. Hope you enjoy them!

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